Our large vehicle wash systems provide environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions which will help you manage your water usage and preserve the environment.


Water Recycling – A Rewarding Cycle

With Westmatic’s fully automated and compact systems, you can recycle up to 85% of your wash water. A smart and easy way to lower both sewage and water costs!

Unlike traditional wash systems that try to mask odours and bacteria with chemicals, Westmatic systems use natural ozone (O3). This is better for the environment and at the same time safely eliminates odours and bacteria growth.

Without any chemicals at all, the ozone breaks down molecules, organic material, metals and contaminants that lower water quality. Capacity can be fully customized to your needs and the size of your facility.


Water Treatment – A Valuable Process

The water that is not recycled and must be treated before being discharged into the sewage system is routed on to the purification system. Through this process, the water reaches a purification level of 99%, exceeding both national and international environmental requirements by a wide margin.

This amazingly effective purification process is a unique technology developed by Westmatic. The system is based on electroflockation, which can separate and remove contaminants such as petroleum products and heavy metals from water. The contaminants are collected in a container and the water is then released into the municipal sewage system.

The purification process does not use any chemicals at all and basically handles itself through an automatic control system.

Water Recycling and Purification Systems

Recycle 85% of your wash water with a Westmatic water recycling system

  • Fully automatic. Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel hydro-cyclonic separation achieves water quality of 10 microns
  • Uses ozone to accelerate solids precipitation and eliminate odor