Westmatic Viking

Type of system: Rollover brush/high-pressure system with floor rails or overhead crane

Models: 2, 3, 4, 5 brush or touchless (360 degrees) Wash speed: 7–14m/min

Wash height: 3600 mm, 4400 mm or 4600 mm

Recommended wash bay width: 7000 mm

Recommended wash bay height: Wash height + 1000 mm

Recommended wash bay length: Max vehicle length + 6000mm


Features & Benefits

  • Overlapping brushes/high-pressure or high-pressure arches (360 degrees) Full-density brushes or polishing brushes Drive-through program for quick wash Few grease points
  • Maintenance-free lifting/cog belts Maintenance-free composite covers Energy-saving variable frequency motors Water-saving low-flow spray arches (approx. 75 L fresh water per 12 m unit) Frame with lifetime warranty
  • Modular system that enables further adaptions
  • Online connection for technical support and program updates
  • Flexibility and low operating costs