Modular Design

Our train wash systems are comprised of modularly designed operating functions and are available in drive-through models, rollover/gantry models or combination hybrid models.

Systems are available in a brush configuration, touchless, or a combination of both. Brush pressure is constantly monitored and driven by high-efficiency electric TEFC motors. Current sensing relays allow our intelligent brush configurations to sense and adapt to different vehicle contours and shapes. This provides for an incredibly thorough wash result.

Westmatic’s Drive-Through Module

Westmatic's state-of-the-art drive-through train wash systems combine an ultra-compact design with a revolutionary operational concept. The vertical brushes on the Westmatic drive-through move into the center of the wash bay and clean the fronts and rears with an overlapping movement.

Rollover / Gantry Module

The rollover / gantry train wash system features vertical and top brush configurations washing the sides front, rear and top of the cars. Westmatic also offers a unique split brush design which provides an effective wash for trains in the industry with catenary systems.