Quality Truck Wash Systems for Western Australia companies 

Fast, innovative, and efficient truck wash systems allow you to maintain the highest cleanliness and operational standard for your entire fleet. Luckily, Westmatic Australia offers you a wide range of reliable, custom cleaning solutions for trucks across Western Australia. We boast state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technology, and an in-house expert design team committed to designing the best truck wash systems. We boast a wide range of truck wash systems, including:

Westmatic Drive-through Truck Wash                           Truck Wash for Western Australia companies

This system offers efficient, effective, and heavy-duty washing power making it perfect for larger fleets (30-40 trucks) with highly demanding wash cycles. It employs a combination of low-volume, high, and low-pressure jets and various wash detergents to clean trucks of different shapes and sizes. You can choose between a completely touchless or brushless system or a combination of both configurations for a powerful, effective wash.

Westmatic Rollover and Gantry Truck Wash

This truck wash system is highly customizable and ideal for standard and complex vehicle shapes. It is perfect for smaller fleets below 30 trucks with a less demanding wash schedule. It can be made with touchless spinners, friction brushes, or a combination of both. It also offers the advantages of spot-free rinse water recycling, blowers, and underbody wash. You can pull over your truck and park it in the wash bay and leave the state-of-the-art wash system to do the rest.

Environmentally-Friendly Truck Wash Systems in Western Australia

Westmatic has been committed to designing and manufacturing sustainable truck wash design concepts for decades. All our systems are equipped with high-volume water recycling for environmental sustainability.