Truck Wash Systems for Sydney companies

If you manage a private or commercial fleet of trucks, you know the importance of keeping your vehicles clean, which can reduce maintenance costs and boost performance. At Westmatic in Sydney, Australia, we have a variety of washes to choose from and our experts can help you choose the ideal setup for your organization.

Choosing the Right Truck Wash for YouTruck wash for Sydney based companies

Westmatic Australia offers numerous wash systems for large vehicles. Whether you have delivery trucks, garbage lorries, refrigeration fleets, vans or movers, we have multiple commercial truck wash options to choose from.

Here are some of the factors that will impact your decision:

  • Fleet size                                     
  • Vehicle configuration
  • Wash schedule
  • Infrastructure
  • Utility requirements and availabilites

Examples of Our Versatile Truck Washes

  • Drive-through systems - with 90 second wash cycles to get your fleet clean and on the road quickly. 
  • Rollover and gantry configurations are versatile and require little maintenance. The driver follows common traffic signals to position the rig. The machine does the rest of the work, guiding the vehicle through the truck was via a floor-mounted track. 
  •  Manual wash bays that facilitate vehicle cleaning for smaller fleets. These truck washes can handle approximately 30 vehicles per day and can increase your washing productivity up to 40%.

Amenities include an EzyFoam application system that decreases chemical usage for an environmentally friendly approach.