Semi Truck Wash for Victoria, Australia based companies

Keeping trucks clean not only boosts your image but keeps grime and salt off the carriage, which can improve the lifespan of your semi-truck fleet in Victoria, Australia.

Drive Thru Semi Truck Wash Systems                                     Semi Truck Wash in Victoria, Australia

Westmatic is a premiere wash station manufacturer that offers drive-thru Semi Truck Wash systems designed to efficiently clean fleet vehicles and gets them back on the road. Westmatic system washes can clean semi trucks in about 90 seconds, which makes cleaning over 30 trucks a quick process.

Manual Cleaning Truck Wash System Bays

If you manually wash your trucks in Victoria, Australia, then a Westmatic Wash Bay can help expedite the process. A great solution for smaller fleets, our bays have been proven to improve semi truck wash time by as much as 40%. In addition, the ExyFoam application process can be utilized in the custom wash bay solutions to reduce cleaning time and reduce the use of harsh chemicals by 50%.

Rollover Semi Truck Wash Systems

Finally, if your semi-truck fleet has varying dimensions and configurations, the Westmatic rollover machine may be a fighting option. This is also a great option for fleets with less than 30 semi trucks since wash cycles take about five to ten minutes.