Semi Truck Wash Systems for Sydney, Australia based companies

Besides keeping your garbage truck clean and thoroughly sanitized, our systems can help you discover potential issues such as hydraulic leaks. This makes it possible to repair them even before they surface and translate into significant problems that require costly emergency repairs. Ultimately, you will save money, effort, and time with a Westmatic semi-truck wash system.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency                      Semi Truck Wash Systems for Sydney, Australia

With Westmatic's state-of-the-art truck washing systems, you will notice a significant reduction in your fleet's labor costs and downtime associated with washing and maintaining it in pristine conditions. Our systems are designed to meet your company's highest cleanliness standards, speed, and efficiency needs. You can therefore expect to have your sparkling clean trucks back on the road within no time, ready to serve your next client in Sydney Australia. Additionally, we partner with fleet owners and managers, engineers, and the best architects in the market. This way. We can develop utility and infrastructure requirements and a perfect equipment package suitable for your fleet washing needs today and for years to come. Our range features:

  • Westmatic's 2-brush compact drive-through semi truck wash system
  • 2/4 brush and high-pressure speed concept drive-through semi-truck wash equipment
  • Westmatic touchless drive-through semi truck wash system
  • Manual Wash bay equipment, including-single or multi-user high-pressure pump station, boom arms, and EzyFoam
  • Numerous additional accessories, such as wash control systems, underbody wash, water treatment, and water recycling