Semi Truck Wash for Queensland companies

We are your go-to company for semi truck wash systems needs in Queensland Australia. Our wash systems are available in various models, including rollover/gantry, drive-through, or combination hybrid. Westmatic semi truck systems come in touchless, brush, or a combination of both configurations. Besides semi trucks, the systems are ideal for refrigeration fleets, garbage trucks, vans, delivery trucks, b-doubles, and commercial truck wash operations. Various factors go into choosing the right system for your project.

Our wash systems include:                                                     Semi Truck Wash in Queensland, Australia

  • Drive Through- This reduces the total wash time by 90 minutes, facilitating a quick and effective washing process. You can choose between the two brush compact and the Tornado.
  • Rollover/Gantry- This is a highly versatile, high-efficiency, and low-maintenance system. It provides a better way of handling challenging semi truck configurations. 
  •  Manual Cleaning Washbay- Wash bays feature a pump station or high-pressure cleaning, perfect for small fleets. It reduces chemical usage by up to 50% and manual cleaning time by 40%, making it great for the environment.


Westmatic Australia is committed to providing our clients in Queensland Australia, with semi truck wash systems they can rely on.