Mining Truck & Vehicle Wash for Sydney, Australia companies

In the mining industry, time is vital. Every moment a truck or equipment is idle, it's considered unproductive. This includes those lengthy mining truck and vehicle wash systems, especially if it's hand or manually done.

OUR SYSTEMS:                     Mining Truck & Vehicle Wash - Sydney, Australia

Generally, our systems can efficiently handle bulldozers, loaders, excavators, haul trucks, and other mining machinery. We work with owners, engineers, and other stakeholders to provide customizable mining truck and vehicle wash systems that remove dirt and debris from difficult and complex equipment designs.

For instance, Westmatic Australia's drive-through wash system is a uniquely designed machine entirely customizable. It can operate in a touchless mode, with brushes, or a combination of both.

Our touchless systems also come in drive-through and rollover setups. The models are equipped high pressure self-adjusting robotic spray booms. These adapt and contour diverse mining truck and vehicle designs and sizes.

On the other hand, the rollover system offers a different setup where a driver is not required to steer it through the machine. Instead, it washes by moving it over floor-mounted systems.

Still, our Westmatic experts are always ready to help you evaluate and decide on the most suitable mining truck and vehicle wash systems with low maintenance costs in Sydney, Australia.

Why Choose Westmatic Cleaning Systems Sydney Australia

All our Sydney, Australia, systems are manufactured considering the client's needs. As you look for a reliable and suitable mining truck and vehicle wash system, contact us for a customizable model.