Mining Truck & Vehicle Wash for Queensland, Australia based companies

Constant research and development have helped our engineers and designers develop specialized mining truck and vehicle wash systems. We provide systems that efficiently use water, time, and capital. Our large vehicle wash systems are well-suited for heavy-duty vehicles like mining trucks requiring intense cleaning and decontamination. Our focus is to help you prolong your vehicle's life cyle by ensuring they remain clean.

Wide Range of Mining Trucks & Vehicles Wash Systems in Queensland, Australia

Our Westmatic Queensland, Australia specialists will help you choose the mining vehicle wash systems that best suit your needs. They will first understand your operation sequence, frequency, and the demands of the mining truck wash schedule.

You can choose from our different styles of touchless, brush, or combination of brush and touchless wash systems, which include:

Rollover or Gantry Mining Truck Vehicle Wash System       

The rollover/ gantry truck wash system, mostly described as a "pull-in and park" vehicle washing system, is ideal if you don't have a demanding mining truck and vehicle washing schedule. The wash system is available in completely touchless and brush configurations. The driver pulls into the wash bay and parks. The machine washes the vehicle on a floor-mounted track system. The wash cycle can last for 5-10 per truck.

Drive-Through Mining Truck Wash System

The drive-through is best if you operate larger mining trucks and vehicle fleets. It is ideal if you want your trucks washed faster, with the driver getting directed through the process using the traffic lights. Drive-through mining truck wash system is available in two, four, and six-brush configurations.

Contact us today, and our staff will help you determine the best wash system.