Garbage Truck Wash for Queensland, Australia based companies

Garbage trucks are an integral part of society. Because of them, trash doesn't accumulate on curbs or in people's homes. Given their purpose, these trucks must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. That is where garbage truck wash systems come in. Because of their peculiar design, garbage trucks can be hard to clean manually. Our garbage truck wash systems are extremely effective since they can get into all the nooks and crannies.

Garbage Truck Wash Systems

Vehicle configuration, wash schedule, and fleet size are just a few factors that will help us determine which wash system is right for your fleet. Below are the three garbage truck wash systems we provide:                                           

  • Drive-Through Garbage Truck Wash Systems: A Westmatic drive-through system could be the best option if you need to clean more than 30 garbage trucks weekly. These systems are optimized for speed, meaning less time washing the vehicle.
  • Gantry/Rollover: We advise using the adaptable rollover/gantry machine from Westmatic Australia to handle today's challenging garbage truck configurations. Rollover garbage truck wash systems are designed to thoroughly clean the entire truck, including hard-to-reach areas like the underside and wheel wells.
  • Manual Cleaning Wash Bays: Westmatic's Wash Bays can reduce cleaning times for manually washed vehicles by as much as 40%. They are ideal for smaller garbage truck fleets.

Our garbage truck wash systems are designed and created to exceed some of the most stringent global water and power usage regulations. Compared to conventional wash systems, ours can save water, power, and chemical consumption by as much as 50%.

Our wash solutions use less water and electricity while still providing a clean finish to your garbage trucks. Contact us today for yours!