Bus Wash Systems that Meet Your Needs in Western Australia 

We provide a wide range of proven, unique bus cleaning systems that can be used on numerous buses in the transportation sector. The system provides custom cleaning services ideal for school buses, paratransit, transit buses, and tour bus fleets, maintaining a professional, clean brand image.

Unlimited Options                                                       Bus Wash in Western Australia

You can choose between our automatic drive-through and rollover (gantry) wash system to meet your unique bus cleaning needs. The systems can be customized as advanced friction wash, touchless, or hybrid. The hybrid system combines both touchless and friction (brush) technologies. Our systems are perfectly engineered for the environment. Generally, they consume approximately 50% less water, chemicals, and electricity than other options.

Expertly Designed System for Fast and Quality Services

We pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure no crucial element is overlooked. Our cleaning materials are carefully selected and used throughout the washing process. This prevents corrosion and reduces upkeep and life-cycle costs.

Customized Bus Wash Solutions, Just for You!

If off-the-shelf solutions are not enough, Westmatic Australia knows exactly what to do. You can trust us for custom-designed wash systems customized to meet your unique needs and expectations. You will enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and dedicated professionals ready to serve you. If you want to do it yourself, you can rely on us to support you with the required bus wash systems, equipment, and expert support.