Bus Wash Systems for Queensland, Australia based companies

If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and advanced vehicle washing system in Queensland, Australia, Westmatic large vehicle washing systems got you covered. Our bus wash systems are efficient, versatile, and have a minimal maintenance costs. These systems are designed to fit any size of the fleet.

Westmatic Bus Wash Systems Options:              Bus Wash in Queensland, Australia

Drive-through bus wash system: If you are a fleet operator, a drive-through wash system is a perfect fit. This type of system minimizes the wash cycle time to less than two minutes per bus. This option provides incredible cleaning performance while saving you on labor costs. Our drive-through bus wash systems use an ultra-compact design and exceptional operational concept for a safe and clean wash.

You can choose from a 2-brush and 4-brush drive-through system, a transit master 4-brush drive-through bus wash, or a touchless drive-through wash system.

Rollover/Gantry: If you are looking for a versatile and high-efficiency bus wash system in Australia, we recommend a rollover/ gantry washing system. The driver is directed to pull into the wash bay and park. The machine washes depending on the selected wash cycle and moves down the bus on a floor-mounted track system. A bus can take 5-6 minutes wash cycle time.

Manual Cleaning Wash Bays: Westmatic Australia offers manual cleaning wash bays for clients with a smaller fleet. The bay has a high-pressure pump station that reduces the cleaning time.

Prolong your vehicle lifecycle, minimize vehicle maintenance costs, and increase ridership with Westmatic's bus wash systems in Queensland, Australia.