Bus Wash Systems for your Australia based business

Westmatic Australia bus wash systems offer incredible design flexibility and cutting-edge technology. This ensures efficient and effective cleaning for your bus fleet in Sydney, Australia. 

Unlimited Options                                                   Bus Wash Systems

You can choose between our automatic drive-through and rollover (gantry) wash system to meet your unique bus cleaning needs. The systems can be customized as advanced friction wash, touchless, or hybrid. The hybrid system combines both touchless and friction (brush) technologies. Our systems are perfectly engineered for the environment. Generally, they consume approximately 50% less water, chemicals, and electricity than other options.


Let Westmatic in Sydney Australia help you keep your bus clean and shining like new. Having numerous types of bus washing systems translate to as much individuality as there are many types of buses. Whatever your fleet size and shape, we guarantee you expert services that will surpass your expectations.